About Me

Hi, I’m Michaela but about half of my friends & family know me as Mickey. If you’re reading this, odds are you already know me, but if you happen not to, I’ll always leave it up to you to call me whichever name you prefer. What I introduce myself as tends to vary depending on who’s with me when I meet someone new. I grew up in a small town on the border of NC & VA, but in June 2018 I moved to Colorado Springs, CO, which is what prompted me to finally start this blog.

Being outdoors & being in the midst of powerful worship are two places where I find my joy on a regular basis. The little things are the big things in my book. Waking up before sunrise to go hiking is a weekend ritual, & stopping at my favorite local coffee shop before church is the norm. I’m a little obsessed with state & National Parks, which is only appropriate for someone with a degree in Recreation. I get chills every time I see the American flag, because being the daughter of a Marine taught me to take pride in the privilege of living in this beautiful country. The military community is the call on my heart. My small way of giving back is through my career in the Air Force civilian service, where I take care of kiddos, assist in providing outdoor recreation opportunities, & help plan special events.

Family is everything to me, & I am so blessed with the best one I could have ever asked for. My grandparents own a breakfast restaurant in Virginia where I practically grew up–my parents even met each other there, so perhaps that’s part of the explanation for my breakfast/brunch obsession. I have a cat named Abel (but we call him Thiccy, check out his insta: Thiccypicz) who is my cuddly comfort on rough days. I have a crazy sweet tooth, a deafeningly loud clap, & a tendency to walk & talk just a little too fast. I love telling stories, however I go on tangents that I almost immediately realize are not pertinent to the narrative but proceed to continue sharing anyway. I’m a big dreamer, but also a realist. Inarguably, I’m one of the most emotional people you’ll ever meet, which can be both a good & bad thing but I’m grateful God made me that way regardless. I yearn for adventure, adrenaline, & abundance of community. I love Jesus with my whole heart & at the end of the day, I’m just a girl trying to become more like Him.