Personal Mission Statement

I am at my best when I am spiritually infused with focus & determination toward my divine purpose.

I will strive for continuous learning through educational, cultural, & volunteer pursuits.

I will routinely give of myself & my time to serve others through my career & personal life alike.

I will try to prevent times when I am distracted or unenthusiastic toward worthy causes.

I will work on being more concerned with my own self-improvement rather than just that of other people, taking better care of myself through healthy living, & developing the cornerstones of the responsibility of adulthood.

I will be someone who keeps their word & follows through.

I will work to develop & nourish a variety of strong communities through each of my circles of influence to include work, church, and friends & family who may often be physically distant.

I will find opportunities to use my natural gifts such as writing, relationship-building, & the ability to empathetically counsel.

I will utilize my education & passion to bring greater joy & excitement into the lives of others through helping provide recreational opportunities to deserving populations.

I will find enjoyment & provide rest for myself through immersing in the beauty of nature, abiding in God, & spending time with loved ones.

I will do my utmost to become more like Jesus through daily decision making.

My life’s journey is to continuously seek & discover God’s dream for my life in the way He has called me to serve & spread the gospel.

Therefore, I will seek to display the love & hope of Jesus every day no matter my current circumstances.